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Logo for Chase's CommentPress site

Added by erin glass over 8 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Hi Dom,

I wanted to touch base on the Provost's CommentPress website we were discussing before the break. Matt and I were hoping we could tinker with the header. Please see attached image.

Also, I thought we had already corresponded about this issue either in email, the Commons or here, but I could not locate the discussion. Apologies for any confusion.



header1.jpg (94.1 KB) header1.jpg erin glass, 2013-04-08 02:24 PM
header1.fw.png (533 KB) header1.fw.png erin glass, 2013-04-26 05:11 PM
gc-logo-white.png (1.81 KB) gc-logo-white.png erin glass, 2013-05-02 02:59 PM
gcdsl-tab.png (9.12 KB) gcdsl-tab.png erin glass, 2013-05-02 02:59 PM
logo-gcdsl-1b15f36acfd691a9db9309cc5c7d707d.png (9.12 KB) logo-gcdsl-1b15f36acfd691a9db9309cc5c7d707d.png erin glass, 2013-05-03 06:17 PM
logo-cuny-c9b64b3f53497d73bb7b4172d79d5846.png (1.81 KB) logo-cuny-c9b64b3f53497d73bb7b4172d79d5846.png erin glass, 2013-05-03 06:17 PM


#1 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 8 years ago

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I was just looking at the CommentPress issue in #2331.

I believe we began the conversation about this project in the Digital Fellow's Sandbox forum:

Give me a few minutes to re-familiarize myself with that forum thread and #2331.

Then we'll knock out this header request.

#2 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 8 years ago


My first question before we get to the header:

It appears that on the live site, Commentpress 3.2, Commentpress Ajaxified 1.0 and CommentPress Core 3.4.6 are all activated. Are you just testing or is there a specific reason that both new and old plugin versions are currently active?

#3 Updated by erin glass over 8 years ago

Hi Dom,

Sorry for the confusion -- I think I got confused with which versions (or combo of versions) I needed to use. Do I only need to have CommentPress Core 3.4.6 and not the others?



#4 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 8 years ago

I'm pretty sure that the update (the newest version of CommentPress 3.4.6) is the only one we'll need.

It's been a while since we first talked about this project but I do think that the new version is a complete replacement for the old "collection" of plugins. I would try it in your local environment first, and if everything looks good, disable the old plugins on the live site.

I'm still setting up a copy of the site in my local environment. If I find that the old plugins are needed before I hear back from you, I'll let you know in an update here.

#5 Updated by erin glass over 8 years ago

Hi Dom,

I've disabled CommentPress Ajaxified and CommentPress 3.2. All seems to be fine. Thanks for the tip.

I wanted to let you know that blog we are working in ( is a test blog as I will have to recreate a blog once I know the title of the Provost's manuscript. At any rate, it would be great if we could still build a header for this site in order to demo it to the Provost. Hopefully it won't be too much work to upload the same theme to the new blog once the official URL is picked.



#6 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 8 years ago

It shouldn't be a problem to work in the mockup and then transfer our work to a final theme when we're ready to go live. It's actually the way we should go.

From where would you like me to get the images in the attached screenshot? Do you have links to ones I can download? Can you email them to me? Once I have them it shouldn't be too difficult to get that header customized to include them.

#7 Updated by erin glass over 8 years ago

Here's the png file if that helps. Not sure if this is exactly a banner -- the search element in the lower right half of the banner area is already part of the banner area. Maybe it would be better for me to give you two images -- the logos in the top right and the title & subtitle in the top left? Or is this too complicated? If you do want the images what size should they be?



#8 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 8 years ago

Ya, this is not what I need. I need those three individual logos. The GC Digital Initiatives, GC Digital Scholarship Lab and The Graduate Center.

Actually, I can get the Grad center logo myself, it's all over a bunch of commons sites. But I don't see the other two anywhere. At least not images that look exactly like the ones in the screenshots attached to this issue.

Where did that screenshot come from? Is it on you local computer? It can't be from the mockup site: That site doesn't have any images in the header area.

So you understand a little more clearly, what I plan on doing is creating a child theme (if one hasn't already been created) and then add the three logos to an images folder. That way I can customize the child theme's header template and tell it to output those logos in the upper right hand corner. This is why I need three individual images. Let me know if I'm confusing things here.

#9 Updated by erin glass over 8 years ago

Hi Dom,

Thanks for your clarification! Attached are two of the three logos. I've just requested the GC Digital Initiatives logo from Matt and will send on as soon as I have it.



#10 Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

Hi Erin -- are these going on a black background? If so, you should do some editing on them to make them fit in with such a background. I can show you how if you need help.

#11 Updated by erin glass over 8 years ago

Hi Dom -- Yes, I planned for them to be on a black background. Would it be preferable for me to turn all three logos into a single image so that you could just plop the whole thing in the upper right corner? Are there any size requirements? Thanks!

#12 Updated by Dominic Giglio over 8 years ago

Actually that was Matt asking about the editing. :-)

I remember when I first started using Redmine with the Commons team; I was always answering the wrong people. LOL

Collecting all three into a single image is not advisable. Not that there's anything wrong with doing it that way, it just prevents you from being able to make each image a link to the site it represents. That is the main purpose of logos on a site. They are a visual link to someplace else on the web.

I will also play around with these in my image editor of choice. They do need to be altered a bit to work on such a dark background. I will post them back here after I've touched them up and altered them a bit so you can see how I've changed them. You should work on them too. The ability to tweak images for the web is an incredibly important arrow in your web development quiver [sorry, been reading the Hunger Games books :-) ]

Size is important, but in our case we're only working with small logos. So some extra pixels here and few more bytes in size there isn't detrimental. There are important times to worry about size, but we'll take that up when you open an issue specifically about that. ;-)

Let me know when you've got the third logo. I have a conference call tonight with my startup partners but I'll be working on as many Commons Redmine issues as I can all weekend. Getting a child theme for this book site is top of the list so I'll be working on it at some point.

#13 Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

FYI, we created versions for black backgrounds for the DHDebates site -- you may be able to swipe them from there -- (look on the homepage)

#14 Updated by erin glass over 8 years ago

Hi Dom, hi Matt,

Sorry about the name confusion!

Thanks, Matt, for reminding me where I had found the logos for the mockup. I had grabbed them as a screenshot from the DH Debates page, so I didn't have individual image files for them. Now I do! They're attached!

Dom, good luck with your start up conversation. Sounds exciting!

#15 Updated by Boone Gorges over 5 years ago

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I'm going to guess this is no longer an issue, but please reopen with details if more needs to be done.

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