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# Project Category name Target version Tracker Status Priority name Subject Author Assignee Updated
2577 NYCDH Community Site Feature Assigned Low Investigate Potential to Add Links to the Forum Mark Newton Alex Gil 2013-05-16 09:40 PM Actions
2576 NYCDH Community Site Bug Hold Low Test Next Button in Javascript Tutorial Under Activities Mark Newton Alex Gil 2013-05-18 02:55 PM Actions
19990 CUNY Academic Commons Bug Assigned Normal Issue on About Page when logged in as super admin Matt Gold Boone Gorges 2024-03-15 03:20 PM Actions
19550 CUNY Academic Commons Bug Assigned Normal A few issues/questions around CV editor Matt Gold Jeremy Felt 2024-04-09 12:29 PM Actions
19366 CUNY Academic Commons Support New Normal Commons help email address Matt Gold 2023-12-05 06:42 PM Actions
19363 CUNY Academic Commons Bug Assigned Normal Continued HTML weirdness with forum preview Matt Gold Raymond Hoh 2023-12-03 09:17 PM Actions
8992 NYCDH Community Site Bug Assigned Normal Multiple RBE error reports Matt Gold Raymond Hoh 2017-12-11 05:43 PM Actions
2618 NYCDH Community Site Bug Assigned Low Mark blogs as spam when created by users marked as spam Matt Gold Boone Gorges 2013-06-09 11:38 PM Actions
20017 CUNY Academic Commons Bug New Normal #WR1557 - French - Update Content Peter Milo Peter Milo 2024-03-19 03:30 PM Actions
18362 CUNY Academic Commons Bug Reporter Feedback Normal After entering OTP, I am redirected to a different page than I intended originally Raffi Khatchadourian 2023-06-14 09:57 PM Actions
15516 CUNY Academic Commons WordPress Plugins Bug Reporter Feedback Normal Can't publish or save draft of post on Raffi Khatchadourian Raymond Hoh 2022-03-02 05:52 PM Actions
14792 CUNY Academic Commons Bug New Normal Inconsistent email notifications from gravity forms Raffi Khatchadourian 2021-10-04 01:50 PM Actions
19878 CUNY Academic Commons Authentication Feature New Low Authenticate CAC using CUNYfirst SSO Raffi Khatchadourian Boone Gorges 2024-03-06 10:26 AM Actions
17542 CUNY Academic Commons Performance Bug New Normal Ninja Forms plugin can write many "_wp_session" entries into the options table Raymond Hoh Raymond Hoh 2023-01-23 08:02 PM Actions
19814 CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX New Normal BBPress Forum convert to blocks? Sara Cannon Boone Gorges 2024-02-26 04:01 PM Actions
19239 CUNY Academic Commons Groups (misc) Bug New Normal Error occured when creating a group in CDev Sara Cannon Raymond Hoh 2023-11-09 04:40 PM Actions
20160 CUNY Academic Commons WordPress Plugins Support New Normal Slider Revolution plugin update scott voth Boone Gorges 2024-04-12 02:59 PM Actions
20159 CUNY Academic Commons WordPress Themes Support New Normal Bridge theme update scott voth Boone Gorges 2024-04-11 12:56 PM Actions
19828 CUNY Academic Commons Commons In A Box Bug New Normal CBOX Classic Possible Bug scott voth Boone Gorges 2024-02-25 05:54 PM Actions
19289 CUNY Academic Commons Help/Codex Support New Normal Help site redesign migration scott voth Boone Gorges 2023-11-27 03:33 PM Actions
18134 CUNY Academic Commons Help/Codex Feature New Normal Help site redesign scott voth scott voth 2023-05-04 05:38 PM Actions
17165 CUNY Academic Commons Plugin Packages Feature New Normal Plugin wpDiscuz: Should we add to the Teaching Plugin Package? scott voth Laurie Hurson 2022-11-03 05:34 PM Actions
17257 CUNY Academic Commons Support Reporter Feedback Normal Avenir Font Syelle Graves 2023-04-17 02:49 PM Actions
20122 CUNY Academic Commons Feature New Low Clarifying Questions on Short Links Zachary Muhlbauer 2024-04-10 10:14 AM Actions
20014 CUNY Academic Commons Group Library CUNY Academic Commons - 2.4.0 Feature New Normal Reskin of Group Library Boone Gorges Boone Gorges 2024-04-11 06:02 PM Actions
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