Seth Persons





12:25 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #4518: Send logged-in flag to Google Analytics
Hi Boone, yes I think this is sufficient for now. Thanks! If we can move it up to a minor release sooner, that would ...


09:08 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #4228: Change 'My Groups' label in 'Docs Directory'
Just an update on the stats. I verbally updated Samantha and Chris in our meeting, but wanted to run the numbers agai...
09:02 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #4226: Add option to connect a Doc with a Group
I don't currently have a way to separate the "create new docs" button usage from the drop down menu usage, as they ha...


09:20 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #4240 (Resolved): Unable to access - getting wordpress error
I've been trying to post an entry on the news blog and have been trying to access via the links Matt has sent me: htt...


04:55 PM CUNY Academic Commons Documentation #4236 (Resolved): Backend stats for members, groups, blogs
Hi Boone, Could you send me the backend stats for the number of members, groups, and blogs we have on the Commons for...

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