Redmine Category definitions

Technical documentation

"Category" describes the part of the Commons that the ticket relates to. Use Category filters to track progress on issues related to parts of the site of interest to you.

Below is a brief definition of the categories used on our project.

- Blogs (BuddyPress)
Blog functionality within BuddyPress (ie, on the main Commons site). This includes: the Blogs directory, the Recent Blog Posts widget on the front page, the Blogs tab on user profiles

- BuddyPress (misc)
A catch-all for functionality related to the social features of the main site that don't fit into any other category.

- BuddyPress Docs
Anything related to Docs.

- Commons Profile
Anything specific to the Commons Profile tab of the user profile.

Issues related to the website Spam issues, new plugins for the site, etc.

Questions and requests about our URL shortening service. (Sarah)

- Directories
Issues with our site directories: Groups, People, Blogs, including the fancy filters on the Members directory.

- Email Invitations
The invite-by-email feature on member profiles > Send Invites.

- Email Notifications
Bugs and features related to email notifications. Daily/weekly digests; email formatting; missing notifications; Settings > Notifications

- Group Blogs
The relationship between blogs and groups. "Group Blog" tab during group creation and admin; member role syncing.

- Group Files
The Files functionality within Groups.

- Group Forums (was bbPress)
Anything related to forums within groups, including Preview and Attachments.

- Group Invitations
Invitations for group membership. Group > Send Invites.

- Groups (misc)
A catch-all for group functionality that doesn't fit into any other category.

- Home Page
Concerns related specifically to the home page. Hero slider, Featured Content widget, Who's Online, etc.

- Layout
Miscellaneous issues related to layout/appearance issues on the main site For issues on other sites, use "WordPress Themes".

- My Commons Dashboard
The upcoming "My Commons" feature.

- Public Portfolio
The Portfolio/Profile functionality introduced in Commons 1.5.

- Redmine
Issues related to Redmine itself.

- Registration
Anything related to the process of signing up for the site. Registration form; activation emails; activation links; non-CUNY signup codes.

- Reply By Email
The functionality that lets you respond to items on the site by replying to the email notifications.

- Server
A catch-all category for issues that are not specifically related to WordPress or any other application-level software. MySQL, Apache, PHP, network issues, etc.

- Toolbar
The toolbar/adminbar/buddybar/whateveryouwanttocallit that appears across the top of every page.

- Twitter page
The Twitter page at

- Wiki (was MediaWiki)
Anything related to the Wiki section of the site.

- WordPress plugins
Issues related to WordPress plugins that are optionally activated on individual sites. Includes requests for new plugins.

- WordPress themes
Issues related to WordPress themes other than the main site's theme. Includes requests for new themes.

- WordPress (misc)
A catch-all for all issues related to WordPress (and not BuddyPress) functionality not covered by another category.