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2011-04-21 09:22 PM


Plugin/Theme Request Form

2011-04-30 05:29 PM

QUESTIONS FOR THE PERSON REQUESTING THE PLUGIN/THEME [generally this means Matt or a community facilitator]
- What's the name of the plugin/theme?
- [plugins] In a few words, what does it do?
- How is the plugin/theme different from what's already provided on the Commons?

Redmine Tracker definitions

2014-02-05 11:40 AM

"Trackers" allow us to organize our tickets based on the kinds of tasks they represent. Think of this organization, in part, as a preliminary way of describing which team should be primarily responsible for a given ticket.

Here is a description of each of our Tracker types.

Priority Definitions

2014-02-21 11:19 AM

Here are a set of priority definitions for use on the Academic Commons:

- Site down completely
- Personal information is being displayed, etc.
- So severe it cannot wait for the next release
- Performance degraded for all users


IT Server Downtime Support Requested info

2016-03-15 10:02 AM

When you notice that the Commons is slow or a server is down, please include with your report:

  • the web site and/or page that the user was having problem with
  • the time (hour and minute) of the incident
  • the IP from which the user is coming from (

Email to Group Admins

2018-01-02 09:52 AM

Dear Group Administrator,

Happy new year! We are reaching out to you because you are the administrator of a group on the CUNY Academic Commons.

We have recently implemented a feature that allows everyone in a Commons group to use a single email address to posts new topics to the group forum. This means that Commons groups now can function much like email listserves. The subject line of your email will become the forum post title. You can also include attachments.

Technical documentation

Commons Incoming Site Transfer Guidelines

2012-08-25 04:14 PM

For right now these instructions are based on the Segal Center/Prelude site transfer.
But will be generalize later, for future transfer guidelines.

  1. Checkout new topic branch off of target release branch
  2. Check if requested parent theme is already installed (In this case Thematic was already installed)

New WP installation setup guide

2012-10-30 10:17 AM

  1. Create a new user
  2. Create a new directory for the webroot
  3. Create a new MySQL db, and a new MySQL user with all privileges on it
  4. Configure Apache (new vhost)
  1. Install WordPress via SVN, and run setup wizard

Plugin / Theme Updates

2012-11-20 01:54 PM

Held Back Plugins (DO NOT UPDATE):
- BP Import Blog Activity/Blog Toolbox
- BuddyPress Docs
- BuddyPress Group for Community Admins and Mods
- Forum Attachments for BuddyPress
- CETS Blog Defaults
- Authors Widget
- ThreeWP Broadcast (versions greater than 1.20 only run on PHP5.4)

Redmine Category definitions

2014-02-05 11:30 AM

"Category" describes the part of the Commons that the ticket relates to. Use Category filters to track progress on issues related to parts of the site of interest to you.

Below is a brief definition of the categories used on our project.

- Blogs (BuddyPress)