Bug #2576

Test Next Button in Javascript Tutorial Under Activities

Added by Mark Newton about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Issue history with Matt and Alex

The javascript tutorial on the activities section is screwy on the when you click on the ‘next’ button. [can you describe what you mean by "screwy" and/or take a screenshot/screencast? Also describe your browser/os. Just tried it and it worked okay for me --MKG][Hard to try again once you've been through it. seems only to work on first run. i saw two things. on click the arrow box turned into a blank square of a different size. on the last page, hovering on the drop-down menu, the pop-up box is cut in half by the browser window. i'm using Chrome on LionOSX. AG][thanks for this report, Alex. Can you add it here - ? --MKG]


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#2 Updated by Alex Gil about 9 years ago

I posted the issue on the general github for c-box as Matt suggested.

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