Email to Group Admins

User documentation

Dear Group Administrator,

Happy new year! We are reaching out to you because you are the administrator of a group on the CUNY Academic Commons.

We have recently implemented a feature that allows everyone in a Commons group to use a single email address to posts new topics to the group forum. This means that Commons groups now can function much like email listserves. The subject line of your email will become the forum post title. You can also include attachments.

Here is a list of the groups you administer and the email address associated with those groups:

[Group Name] [email address]

If you wish to customize this email address further, please log into the Commons and visit your group on the web [Group URL], then go to [FILL IN DETAILS AFTER THIS TICKET IS RESOLVED -- ]

We encourage you to test this out by letting your group members know about this new feature. Please feel free to use the draft text below.

If you have any problems or questions, please write to us at


The CUNY Academic Commons Team


Draft message:

Dear Group members,

You can now post to this CUNY Academic Commons group from your email simply by sending a message to [GROUP EMAIL ADDRESS].

If you have any problems doing this, please contact the Commons team at