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Child theme that we can edit the functions.php file or a featured image rss plugin

Added by Stephen Klein 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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We want to emphasize the post featured image from:

we would either want to add the following code snippet to the Arras theme via a child theme or use one of the plugins.
Both discussed here:

We embrace whatever is easiest for you, but maybe a child theme that you give us write privileges is easiest and quickest?


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges 8 months ago

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Hi Stephen - We can do child themes - see But a child theme may be a larger commitment than what's called for in this case. You cannot edit the Commons codebase independently; you'd need to submit the theme to me, via Redmine, and I would review. You're also then responsible for maintaining the child theme over time, which may not work well with the way you're staffed.

A plugin built for this purpose is more likely to be maintainable for you and for our team in the long run. This one looks pretty good: If you think it'll serve your purpose (perhaps you can test on a separate WP install, if you've got access?) then we can include it in our next maintenance release.

#2 Updated by Stephen Klein 8 months ago

Thanks, Boone. I have a big request.
Could you add the following plugin previous to the release schedule?

Asking because we are developing our new site on:
release planned for MLK and we really need the feed from:
to populate our new site.

We thoroughly tested and know it works.


#3 Updated by Boone Gorges 7 months ago

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Hi Stephen - Yes, this looks acceptable. We'll put it in the next release, slated for Dec 11.

#4 Updated by Stephen Klein 7 months ago

Thanks, Boone and entire Commons team.

#5 Updated by Boone Gorges 7 months ago

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Installed in The plugin will be available after tomorrow's release.

#6 Updated by Boone Gorges 7 months ago

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#7 Updated by Stephen Klein 7 months ago

Thank you!

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