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06:22 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #8325: intermittent server issues
Thanks, Scott. We are aware of the issue and tracking potential causes with IT.


03:56 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #8312 (Reporter Feedback): Site Dashboard Filter Pages by Category does not work
Hi Steve - Can you confirm whether this is the same issue reported and triaged in #8154?
03:52 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #8308: WP Migration plugin
The size of the WordPress export file depends on the amount of content that's being exported. It's true that it can b...


10:32 AM CUNY Academic Commons Support #8308 (Reporter Feedback): WP Migration plugin
A plugin like is not compatible with our setup out of the box;...


03:03 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #8290: Problems with Commons profile on mobile view
Thanks for the ticket and the screenshots, Matt. We can definitely fix these items.
Dan, can I ask you to take a l...
02:00 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #8292 (New): Users should be able to remove themselves from multi-author sites
If I've got a role on a site, that site will show up in various parts of the UI: in my admin bar, my-sites.php, my BP...
01:47 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #8279 (Resolved): GitHub plug-in request
Sure, this looks like a good idea. Note that it doesn't seem to support in-depth embedding of repos in the sense that...


09:10 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #8234: Help Cleanup Report
Hi Steve - Can you give a specific example of item 1? I'm looking at


10:31 AM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #8259: missing dashboard
The user was not, in fact, an Administrator on the site.
I was going to suggest that we reach out to the admin of ...


06:04 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #8259 (Reporter Feedback): missing dashboard
There appears to be a bug in the CollabPress plugin that's causing a fatal error on the page. I've disabled that port...

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