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12:25 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #18496: PHP 8+ Compatibility
Thanks so much for looking at this, Jeremy! These updates look good. I've merged them into the mainline 2.1.x branch. Boone Gorges


11:26 AM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #18846 (Resolved): Events page filter
Boone Gorges
11:26 AM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #18757 (Resolved): Update WordPress to 6.3.x
Updated in Boone Gorges
11:25 AM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #18865 (Resolved): Issues with Group Library Email Notifcations
Boone Gorges
11:06 AM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #18016: ml-slider get_plugins() call causes performance issues
ml-slider was updated in the most recent round of updates and the fixes still have not been implemented upstream. I'm... Boone Gorges


04:19 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #17769: Account Settings Tab
Thanks for flagging this, Laurie. It's not part of the new feature but instead is a very old notice that happens to b... Boone Gorges


09:10 AM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #18150: Inbox tab
Yes, let's prevent those notifications from being created by BP. Boone Gorges


06:08 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #18877: Elementor update
Yes, if I could get a new version of the elementor-pro files, I will include an update in the new version.
> There...
Boone Gorges


05:29 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #18194: Migration routine for CVs
Sara, we're not going to remove anything for this interim release - it's a reskin only. We'll discuss whether and how... Boone Gorges
05:28 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #17385: Profile CV & Account Settings
Sara has posted icons at Boone Gorges

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