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Group files pagination doesn't work properly in folders

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Ed Rhoades reports via ZD:

, I am having a problem with the “Files” section of the CUNY Scholarship Group, which is the section that group members use most often.

The site shows that I have 134 documents in the Files section. These are distributed between 19 sub-folders.

If I go to the sub-folder marked “Minutes” it shows me 20 of 23 documents. But if I go to the second page of the folder (clicking on the “2” link in the upper right corner), instead of seeing the remaining 3 documents it takes me back to the root “Files” section where I see the first 20 of the entire 134. I have tried looking at the “Agenda” sub-folder and I have the same issue. I can see the first 20 documents but the page 2 link or the >> link takes me back to the root folder. So it seems that I can only see the first 20 documents in any folder. This prevents me from managing and accessing the others.


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There are no "hidden" files - it just sounds like pagination is not working properly within folders. We'll look into fixing this for the next release. In the meantime, all documents are available by paging through the "all files" list.

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He replies:
"Thanks for your response. Let me know if there are any developments on this front including when the next release will be ready and whether it will, in fact, include a fix on this. In the meantime, I will have to break up these folder into smaller ones so that nothing has more than 20 items."

This is the Director of Scholarships from CUNY Central, btw.

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A fix for the pagination issue is included in and will be part of the 1.15.4 release. This release will take place on Tuesday, June 25.

In order to mitigate the issue in the meantime, I've increased the per-page count for group folders. Pagination will not begin until a folder has more than 100 items.

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