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New site (a clone) point to old dashboard

Added by Marilyn Weber almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Site cloning
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Steve Brier cloned a site to create the new site 'F20 Historical Perspectives on Urban Education -

But clicking Dashboard gets you back to the original site -


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I've manually updated the option values for Steve's site.

As to root cause: When the Cloning feature was being built, we decided at some point fairly late in the process to move from a list of allowed db tables for cloning to simply copying all of them with the prefix. See But this change was too broad, because it resulted in the 'options' table being overwritten too, which defeats the purpose of our selective option-copying earlier in the process: As such, the 'home' and 'siteurl' (as well as other values not involved in this ticket) were being overwritten with the corresponding values from the source site.

In, I've made a change so that the 'options' table is explicitly ignored. This solves the 'home' and 'siteurl' problem. I can't think of any other tables that would need to be ignored explicitly, but I'm going to ask Jeremy and/or Ray to chime in here if they have any thoughts about the solution. In the meantime, I'm pushing the change to the production site as a hotfix.

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