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folder not appearing in library

Added by Marilyn Weber over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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David Humphries - MALS professor who has used groups before - reports

I'm setting up a group/site, and getting used to the new Library feature. I have uploaded, I believe, 5 files to 3 folders, but I keep only seeing 4 files in the library even though on the home page of the group the additional files are listed. I also do not see the "Expand all" button on the library site. Thanks!

This is for I'm an admin and can't see these files either. The folder he doesn't see is "week 3 Readings" and the bell hooks and other readings should be in there.

Marking this high so we aren't buried with similar problems by Monday.

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Thanks for the report.

I was able to verify the issue. The problem was that the database tables responsible for holding the group library were built in such a way that there was a 150-character cap on the 'title' field. Because some of the items uploaded by the user were beyond this character limit, the items could not be recorded in the database table. However, they had successfully been uploaded. So, once I increased the limit and re-ran the library sync mechanism, the items appeared as expected.

The 'Expand All' link only shows if at least one item on the screen has some hidden content to show. For example, if a Description is added to one or more of the uploaded files, then the Expand All link will appear.

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Updated by Marilyn Weber over 3 years ago

Perfect, thanks! He's very grateful.

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Excellent! I'm grateful for the report.


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