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I am considering moving a site currently hosted through Queens College ( to CUNY Academic Commons. The site is built with a modified version of Graphy. I do not see Graphy listed as an available theme on Academic Commons. Would it be possible to support this theme with the code modifications?


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It shouldn't be a problem to add Graphy to the Commons.

As a general rule, we don't allow modified themes. The management burden of our large number of users/sites/themes means that we need to run as much "stock" software as possible. Ideally, users can use existing tools (custom CSS, etc) to customize the appearance of their site without any changes to the theme itself. If layout changes are required, it may be possible to build a child theme; see sections 2 and 3 at

It's possible that the existing customizations to Graphy would be easy to move into custom CSS or a child theme. If the user would like to provide those mods, I may be able to determine fairly quickly the best path forward.

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