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Collect names of Group Admins?

Added by Brian Foote almost 10 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Hi Boone,

When we first created the Group for Group Admins Matt sent me a spreadsheet with every admin at the time and I manually invited each to the group. After that initial list folks either gravitated to it on their own or in response to some plugs we made for it. Is there any way to generate a list of all group admins at the moment so that I can see who isn't in the group and invite them. I realize that going forward the new admins are going to be prompted to join the group but I'm unsure of what's going to happen to those admins caught between the first round of invites over a year (?)ago now and the latest ones who will be asked to opt in.


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Would it be better if we just added them automatically to the group? Either way, I can get you a list pretty easily.

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Don't think this is an issue anymore.

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