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changing site template after creation?

Added by Marilyn Weber 7 months ago. Updated 21 days ago.

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Via ZD - "I recently created a site on CUNY Academic Commons and made the mistake of choosing the Default Template when creating the site when I should’ve chosen the Academic Portfolio Template instead. I initially chose the Default Template as it is stated that the configurations can be changed after I create my site (“These configurations are defaults only; they can be changed after your site has been created.”) but it doesn’t seem like there’s an option to do that now that I’ve navigated through all of the possible options/settings on the CUNY Academic Commons."


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No, there's no option to change the Site Template after configuration. A Site Template is a set of default configuration settings, and as such they only apply to sites at the point of creation (that's the "default"). It's certainly possible to manually configure an existing site so that it matches the Academic Portfolio template - theme, plugins, navigation structure, etc. But this might be a bit tedious.

If no content has been created on the new site, my recommendation is to delete it and start again. If the user would like to reuse the URL, communicate it to me and I'll delete it permanently to ensure that it's available for selection.

#2 Updated by Marilyn Weber 7 months ago

Thanks, Boone! She replies "So if this is the case, I would have to start an entire site from scratch if I were to delete my current domain and reuse the same URL? Is there a way to retain my progress/what’s already done on my current site and transfer it to the new site that I create with the correct template?"

#3 Updated by Boone Gorges 7 months ago

It's possible to export content from the existing site and import into the new one, but this import/export process will only contain posts and pages, not plugin settings or other site configuration. It doesn't hurt to try the process - create a new site (using the correct template), then export from the existing site and import to the new site ( The user may find that the end result is workable; if so, and if the user would like to repeat the process but with the same URL, then we can move forward with deletion.

There isn't really a way to copy all settings etc from one site to another, outside of what I've outlined above.

Another option is to simply keep the existing site, and manually configure it to work pretty much like the Academic Portfolio site template The first step would be to activate the Academica theme, and then to activate Jetpack (the only plugin that's active on the Academic Portfolio template).

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Closing on the basis of the above.

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