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Diacritical markings | European Stages

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Via Zendesk

"I was in touch a few weeks back about fixing up some diacritical markings on our site European Stages ( We are still experiencing some difficulties that I'm hoping to address. While the diacritical marks look much better - there are still some issues. I've attached screenshots of some instances. Besides being a different (bigger) font, it appears that there is a space added after the diacritical mark. For instance, "mówiliśmy" is one word. I understand that some fonts do not include diacritics. However, given that we publish texts that do and will continue to feature diacritics, I would recommend that we adopt a font that would have diacritical marks that appear seamlessly."

LMK if you want me to dig up the old ticket or ask any follow-up questions.


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Previous ticket is #15204.

Can I get some clarity on the nature of the bug?

- Is this specific to PDFs or is it visible when looking at the site in a browser?
- Can you please provide the URL of an affected page?
- Can you please provide info about the browser and operating system you're using to test?

When I view and its associated PDF, I don't see the issues described above.

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Feel free to close this

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