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slow loading at SPS

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We are currently experiencing an issue where the CUNY Academics Commons sites ( is consistently very slow to load , sometimes not loading or responding at all. This issue appears to only affect the desktop version of the website. The mobile version loads normally and is responsive. We have tested across different browsers and devices, and we are consistently running into these issues on desktop browsers. Could you correct this, or get in contact with whomever manages the sites?

Steven Rosegreen

IT Assistant

Office of Information Technology

CUNY School of Professional Studies

P. 646-664-8592


#1 Updated by Marilyn Weber 3 months ago

I've asked him for his email. This ticket was submitted from .

#2 Updated by Boone Gorges 3 months ago

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In order to troubleshoot, we'll need some more information.

The mobile version of the site is, in fact, the same as the desktop version, only with different styling. The fact that one is fast and one is slow, suggests to me that this problem is specific to desktop computers that are accessing the Commons via the SPS network, ie those that are in the building. Mobile access may be better because the devices are using the cell network, rather than wifi and the SPS network.

I've added Lihua Wang as a watcher. Lihua is our liaison at the Graduate Center, where the Commons is hosted. He might be able to provide insight into the possible points of friction, and suggestions on how to diagnose network-level issues with connecting to the Commons.

#3 Updated by Lihua Wang 3 months ago

Hello Steven,

Please reach out to Serge Cherestal, Senior Systems Administrator at SPS to inquire about this issue. He has been leading the effort on trouble-shooting this. His email is .

The issue is strictly restricted to the SPS campus network and could not be reproduced anywhere else (from people's home, from other CUNY campuses, or from other educational institutions such as NYU). Many rounds of tests were conducted with coordination from Serge, CUNY CIS, and our team. Unless new evidences emerge, our conclusion was that network, vmware host, server OS, or application level configurations at GC was not playing a role for the symptoms observed.

Please let us know if you need any further information.


#4 Updated by Marilyn Weber 3 months ago

Thanks to you both! Will let you know if he replies.

#5 Updated by Marilyn Weber 3 months ago

He replies "We will reach out to Serge about the website issue. Thank you! Please continue to contact us at for any more updates."

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