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request for rainfall theme

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network activate theme rainfall


Seonae Byeon asks "Would you be able to add this theme?

Please kindly find my response below:

In a few words, what does the plugin/theme do?
- I want to explore using this theme for a project that I am working on for the oral history projects.

Please provide a link to the plugin

Please research the release history and popularity of the plugin. How many times has it been downloaded? When was it last updated?
- Unfortunately, I don't think that the information you are asking for is not available. It seems like only "Staff" has access to those types of information according to the WordPress forum

How is the plugin/theme different from what's already provided on the Commons?
- This is a unique theme. It would provide a unique design. I took a look at most of the themes at the Commons and it is very different from the current collections.

Please let us know who you are (include a link to your site) and who will use this tool.
- I am a collaborator for an oral history project. Some of the staff at Commons and I had a meeting a few weeks ago about this project. This theme would be so helpful. Please kindly add this to the theme.

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The user linked to the landing page. Here's the listing:

The theme looks good to me. Added in Looks like a good one to enable for the network, so I will do so after the theme is deployed in the Feb 14 release.

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