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Hyperaudio Wordpress Plugin request

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From Seonae Byeon:

Please kindly let me know how long it might take for this plugin to be added.

Please kindly find my answers below:

In a few words, what does the plugin/theme do?
- I need the Hyperaudio Wordpress Plugin in order to provide interactive transcripts. With this plugin, the transcript will sync with the autio. The transcript will be highlighted at the exact moment where the audio is playing. This interactive transcript helps our oral history website to be accessible and more engaging.

Please provide a link to the plugin

Please research the release history and popularity of the plugin. How many times has it been downloaded? When was it last updated?
- It seems like the latest release date is Sep 19, 2022. Download time is not available.

How is the plugin/theme different from what's already provided on the Commons?
- there was no available plugin that links transcript and the audio

Please let us know who you are (include a link to your site) and who will use this tool?
- I am a collaborator for the land use oral history project. I will be using this plug in to use it for our oral history project specifically to link the audio and the transcript.

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Thanks for passing along this request.

The plugin at looks OK in most respects. There are some security best-practices that I'd like to see improved, and I've sent a pull request to the author with those improvements.

I was concerned that the markup-based syntax for the plugin (using <span> tags to create the transcript) wouldn't work with Multisite's HTML filtering, but after testing it seems to work.

Plugin is added in It will be available after our next scheduled maintenance release, on Feb 14 2023.

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