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PDF Embedder Premium

Added by Syelle Graves 3 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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We have a quick question about the PDF embedder: Has the Commons team ever considered the paid version? We ask because we have a newsletter with hyperlinks that we can't embed. and it would be great to have that functionality, which I believe the paid plugin has.

The only alternative I know of is to use an embedded Google doc, but we don't do that because we would have to reformat all of our existing PDFs, which we’ve tried and found not worth it (tables and images take forever to convert from Word to gdocs). Anyway, we're just curious in general if the Commons has considered or would consider it, if it's not too expensive!

Hope it's okay to ask. Thank you!

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Updated by Boone Gorges 3 months ago

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As a rule, we don't purchase plugins for use across the network. I'm unsure whether we have financial mechanisms for this kind of purchase. I'm copying Matt here to see if he has thoughts about policy here.

Scott, do you have ideas about PDF embedding, using tools that we already have available?

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Updated by Syelle Graves 3 months ago

I completely understand--my team just wanted to make sure. Thanks for letting me know!

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Updated by scott voth 3 months ago

Hi Syelle - I think you are already using the free version of PDF Embedder. What features of the Pro version did you want? We also have the "EmbedPress" plugin which works with PDFs.

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Updated by Syelle Graves 3 months ago

Hi, Scott--working hyperlinks (like embedded gdocs). Does EmbedPress have that functionality?

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Updated by scott voth 3 months ago

Just tested. Unfortunately, no, the embedded links in the PDF do not work.

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Updated by Syelle Graves 2 months ago

Yes, I didn't think EmbedPress would show working hyperlinks in embedded pdfs. Thanks for checking!


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