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Guys, here's a heads up on a small change I implemented today on our Postfix mail server.

In some instances the Commons' website (i.e. WordPress/BuddyPress) will try to send an email that, whether because it has an invalid recipient or because the recipient is temporarily MIA (say a Baruch mailbox while was down), will either be delayed or fail.

(I'm including an example like this as an attachment to this issue)

In cases like this our outbound mail servers ( and will try and respond back to the sender notifying them that the message hasn't been delivered yet for reason X and that it will either keep trying again for Y amount of time or that it will stop trying now. So far so good. But sometimes the sender comes through as the website itself (e.g or ) in those cases the response emails can't be routed correctly because neither or accept email.

To improve this I edited our php.ini configuration to add a return-path header of to PHP-generated outbound emails. This way these notifications, and other potential email issues, will get send to , which actually exists.

This change should not affect the visible "From:" header as return-path is a "hidden" header. But I wanted you to be aware of this just in case.

All best!

LAROI.eml (8.4 KB) LAROI.eml Sample delayed email local admin, 2012-11-05 02:16 PM


#1 Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

okay -- thanks, André!

#2 Updated by local admin over 8 years ago

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Implemented this without any apparent negative side-effects. Closing as resolved.

#3 Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

please see this note from Steve Brier, whom I've added as a watcher:

Hi, Matt. A minor annoyance. Why does the "From:" line on email notification of a blog post say "WordPress" instead of "CUNY Academic Commons?" Just curious (I'd obvious prefer the latter; sorta pride of ownership).
From: WordPress []
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 6:30 AM
To: Brier, Steve
Subject: Steve Brier wrote a new blog post James Traub's November 12 Talk at and about CCNY Today in the group History of CUNY Research Seminar, Fall 2012 [CUNY Academic Commons]

#4 Updated by local admin over 8 years ago

Matt Gold wrote:

please see this note from Steve Brier, whom I've added as a watcher:

This is unrelated to this issue, Matt. I mentioned this very issue on a separate ticket a couple times.

#5 Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

Thanks, André. I'll start a separate ticket

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