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Plugin and Theme Upgrades

Added by Dominic Giglio almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I've updated plugins and themes in topic branches in my local dev. I'm ready to push these changes if you don't have a problem with any of them. I of course skipped the plugins and themes on our Redmine blacklist. Here are the details:

Plugin Updates (11):

Broken Link Checker
Installed Version 1.7.1
Updated Version 1.8
23 sites

Enable Media Replace
Installed Version 2.9
Updated Version 2.9.1
3 sites

Flexi Pages Widget
Installed Version
Updated Version 1.6.13
14 sites

Invite Anyone
Installed Version 1.0.22
Updated Version 1.0.23
5 sites

News announcement scroll
Installed Version 6
Updated Version 7
8 sites

NextGEN Gallery
Installed Version 1.9.12
Updated Version 1.9.13
22 sites

Installed Version 2.8
Updated Version 2.9.1
45 sites

ThreeWP Broadcast
Installed Version 1.19
Updated Version 1.20
0 sites

Twitter Tools
Installed Version 3.0.3
Updated Version 3.0.4
35 sites
(might need to watch this one, update adds support for twitter API v1.1, could be some config issues, twitter deprecated old api)

WordPress Google Form
Installed Version 0.52
Updated Version 0.53
24 sites

Installed Version 5.0.9
Updated Version 5.0.9
13 sites

I've checked each plugin's details link to see if there are any that list breaking changes. They all look like pretty common point releases and feature enhancements to me (with the exception of Twitter Tools maybe).

Theme Updates (2):

Installed Version 1.1.1
Updated Version 1.2
1 site: test media

Installed Version 1.4.3
Updated Version 1.5
1 site: Social Media Roundtable

Themes don't list the same kind of changelogs when you get details from the themes admin page so I don't know exactly what has changed and whether or not they're breaking changes. But I think with only two sites we should be able to update these without problems.

Let me know if any of these updates shouldn't be merged in. If everything looks good to you, I'll merge and push.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 10 years ago

Looks good. Thanks, Dom.

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Updated by Dominic Giglio almost 10 years ago

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