Bug #2642

Registration form reloads empty after initial signup

Added by Alex Gil about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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A couple of people (Owen Gottlieb and Mark Philipson) have reported that they keep getting sent back to the original registration form after signup. Mark was already signed up, but didn't know it because he kept getting sent back to the initial page.


#1 Updated by Matt Gold about 8 years ago

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Hi Alex - can you please investigate and see if you can get us a more precise description of the problem? The fist step in bug-fixing is to try to replicate the problem so that we can see what is going on, but we don't have enough to go on based on your description above. The behavior you're describing, for instance, is something I've seen when people who are signed into the site hit the "Create an Account" button on the homepage -- since they are already logged in, the site can't load the registration page, so it redirects them to the homepage.

Here are some questions to ask of the users in question:

1. On what page did you experience the problem(s)?
2. What did you do on that page? (ie., filling out a form, clicking submit, etc.)
3. Exactly what happened after you took the actions described in #2 above?
4. Did the problem happen only once or multiple times? Were you ultimately successful in getting past it or are you still experiencing the problem?

Thanks for looking into this.

#2 Updated by Matt Gold about 8 years ago

Sorry, Alex -- I kind of missed your subject line, which answers some of my questions above. Here are some better follow-up questions for the users:

-- What error messages, if any, did they receive?

-- It sounds like they lost all data that had been entered into the form when the page reloaded. Is that correct?

-- Did they receive any email notification of account creation?

-- Did they ultimately get it to work?


#3 Updated by Alex Gil about 8 years ago

I sent an email to Mark and Jennifer. Waiting to hear back.

#4 Updated by Raymond Hoh about 8 years ago

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Is this still an issue?

#5 Updated by Alex Gil about 8 years ago

I don't know. Haven't heard any more complains. I say we close it for now.

#6 Updated by Matt Gold about 8 years ago

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Thanks, Alex. Let's reopen if we hear about other complaints.

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