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Usability review of CBOX update procedures

Added by Matt Gold over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Samantha Raddatz
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Commons In A Box
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Samantha, I'd like to ask you to review the CBOX update/upgrade process. I just upgraded a few installations, and I found that the process could be improved. Here are my concerns:

-- Are all the steps one must take to update CBOX clear to users?
-- After one updates the main plugin, are there other upgrade steps needed for CBOX plugins? If so, is that process clear?
-- Is it clear that one needs to upgrade the optional CBOX theme after upgrading the plugin manager?
-- how might the upgrade process be improved with better visual cues and step-by-step guidelines?

cc'ed: Boone, Chris, Scott, and Steve


Actions #1

Updated by Stephen Real over 8 years ago

I would chime in here as new user of CBOX that it was not very clear what I had to do vs. what I might want to do to configure my site. However, the welcome message in the attached screenshot was the most puzzling because there was no obvious place to click to see

_ here are a few things most people do first_

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Updated by Samantha Raddatz over 8 years ago

I just went through my first CBOX install and have to agree with Steve that it's a bit confusing. I followed the directions on ( and they don't quite match up with the steps that I had to take. For instance, after I clicked 'Activate Plugin' I was taken back to the Plugin page and had to click on 'Commons in a Box' in the left menu to get to the appropriate page for the next steps.

Another strange thing I noticed was that clicking on 'Buddypress' in the left menu brings me to the page in the attached screenshot. The text "You're seeing this page because you are running a legacy BuddyPress plugin which has not been updated." made me think I should have an update to make, but I'm not seeing one.

I'll have to wait for an update to go through the update procedures, but I wanted to mention this in the meantime. I'd be happy to take a crack at updating the Installation Guide if needed.

Actions #3

Updated by Matt Gold over 8 years ago

Thank you, Samantha. We should have you collaborate with Scott to update the documentation. But we should also think about whether the installation steps themselves seem intuitive. Many thanks for testing.


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