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Added by Samantha Raddatz about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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While taking a look at the profile set up and editing process, I've been trying to de-clutter the page. One way I'd like to do that is by reducing the number of instances of 'This field can be seen by:'. Here are a few possible treatments:

a) One overarching 'This information can be seen by:' setting for the full profile page
b) Grouping the fields together into types (about, social media, professional websites, etc.) and including a 'These fields can be seen by:' option for each group.
c) Grouping the fields together into types (about, social media, professional websites, etc.) and including a 'This field can be seen by:' option on each field within.

It was discussed on yesterday's dev call and the general feeling was that allowing all or most of the profile to be set to private with just one 'switch' (option a) would be counterproductive to the community aspect of the site. In order to dig into what makes the most sense beyond that, Boone offered to gather some stats on how often people are using the 'This field can be seen by:' options and which fields they tend to utilize it for. This ticket serves as a reminder for that and a conversation area to decide which way to go.

Once we suss this out, I'll include this decision in a set of mock-ups with this and other suggestions for profile process improvements.

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 8 years ago

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Hi all - I ran some queries, and here's what I found. All fields have a default visibility of 'public', and we allow custom visibility settings for all fields except 'Full Name'. The 'Academic Interests', 'Publications', and 'College' fields are no longer relevant, as they've been supplanted by the corresponding fields on the Public Portfolio. The numbers reflect the number of users that have changed the visibility setting for a given field to something other than "public".

Full Name: 0
College: 40
Website: 23
IM: 22
Skype ID : 14
Phone: 108
Email Address: 100
Academic Interests: 17
Title: 15
Blog: 27
Twitter: 38
Delicious ID: 20
Facebook Profile Link: 31
YouTube ID : 23
Flickr ID : 21
College Widget: 8
LinkedIn Profile Link: 23
Role: 69 Profile URL: 18
Title Widget: 8
Brief Descriptor: 31
About You: 24
Publications: 10
Education: 8
Github: 11
Vimeo: 12

Kind of a weird hodgepodge. I'd say that Phone and Email stand out as important fields for allowing visibility settings. The social media account fields (Facebook, etc) should be lumped together and all handled in a similar way.


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