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Hi - From Zendesk we got this request. Please let us know what to reply to MIchael. See attached proposal

Good afternoon,
I am the webmaster of the GC CUNY SLA Lab websites (and CC'd is the lab manager) and I wanted to let you know we are looking to update our sites in a few keys ways over the next three to four months. I believe the biggest thing would be to use a DB to keep track of our lab inventory.
In the attachment you will find an outline of what we would like to add to our sites. I have links to possible Plugins, but I will send an email for each one to ask for implementation (with use cases and more research) when we get closer to trying to implement that particular function.
I just wanted to reach out to see if what we have planned would be possible on the Commons.


Michael Madden

PhD student in Linguistics @ GC CUNY


SiteProposal.pdf (123 KB) SiteProposal.pdf scott voth, 2016-03-10 08:12 AM
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Thanks for posting, Scott.

It won't be possible to allow writing to an arbitrary MySQL database, but we can definitely examine available booking plugins for their lab equipment. In addition to the options listed in the message, looks especially good.

Scott, could you tell me what you think regarding the Newsletter and Project Management requests? You probably have a better sense of what we currently have available on the Commons than I do. It's likely that we can help them with tools that we already have installed.

I'm not 100% clear on the "Password Protection" request. As the letter notes, it's already possible to make a post password-protected. It's also possible to make it Private, which means that only Editors+ can read the post. Maybe, between these two, it's enough? If the user can give more of a sense of what's required, maybe you and I can put our heads together.

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Updated by scott voth over 6 years ago

Hi Boone - we have three Newsletter plugins: Newsletter, MailPoet Newsletter, and MailPoet Newsletter Premium. For project management we have CollabPress.

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Thanks, Scott. Based on the above, could you assemble a reply to the user? It sounds like we should have no problem accommodating his needs; we have a number of available options to choose from for most of what he's trying to do, and we can help to evaluate new plugins etc for stuff where he's not happy with what we've got.

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I think we can close this one


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