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Timeline.js problem

Added by Marilyn Weber about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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User Sarah Cohn writes:

From the list of available plugins, I enabled the one for Timeline.js. It appears as a button in my editing page, but when I paste my timeline link, it doesn't display. I get an error message about unable to read timeline (see below). The timeline works in its regular preview mode, so I'm pretty sure it isn't a problem with that.

Is there a way to enable this plugin so it works, or is there a workaround that would allow me to embed the timeline? I don't see any other options for iframe embeds.


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It looks like the correct syntax for the TimelineJS tool is to use the [timeline] shortcode. See for more details. I'm not familiar enough with how TimelineJS works to be able to test this properly.

If there are still problems, could you please ask the reporter to give detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue?

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