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Boone -

Matt would like to share information with someone trying to build a Commons-like thing. Sorry for the length, but I'm c&p'ing the whole exchange below so that I don't miss anything:

FROM: Daniel Cotillas Ruiz

I´m building a site similiar to what you have at Cuny Commons and I would like if it´s possible to access to the plugin "commons-profile-enhancements".

Also if you would be so kind to explain me how should I do to create a Papers section on my site. I can´t find anywhere in your site how to do that.

Thanks a lot!

Daniel Cotillas Ruiz

FROM: Marilyn Weber
Daniel -

Are you building a site on the commons? Please give us more information about this project. Thanks!

- Marilyn Weber
CUNY Academic Commons Community Facilitator

FROM: Matt Gold
Hi Marilyn,

Please share the message with Boone and ask where the repositories for these WP plugins are. I think we have Social Paper up publicly, though I'm not sure about the profile work



FROM: Daniel Cotillas Ruiz
I´d say we are more about building a site about the commons. If you refer to the utilization of the Commons in a Box, I tried to install it with all the plugins but it didn´t work properly. Also for the UI we are looking for something different.
What we are doing is something similiar to HCommons but for a spanish speaker community from Bolivia but hoping other researchers will join. I have everything in a local beta so it´s difficult to show you but the idea it´s pretty the same as

It will be called and so far we make also part of the Annotation Alliance of as Nodo Común ( , the association I make part of.

I´ll be very glad to discuss with you opportunities to enrich our project with your experience.


Daniel Cotillas Ruiz
Comunicador | Nodo Común

Twitter | @danicotillas (
GNUSocial | (
Llave pública | (


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Hi Marilyn,

Social Paper is available here:

Our profile system is powered by this plugin:

I hope that's a helpful starting point!

Also available in: Atom PDF