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Prelude 2017 Theme v2

Added by Alex Hills over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Hi Boone,

I've made some updates to the Prelude 2017 Theme. Could we replace what we have with what's attached here in tomorrow's upload? I know that you made a change in the functions.php file before to load the jquery that's bundled with WordPress but I'm not sure what that code actually looks like. Any chance you could send me your revised functions.php file so I can update my local version? I'm afraid I need to ask you to make that same edit in the functions.php file that's attached here.

Alex (20.7 MB) Alex Hills, 2017-09-20 10:14 PM


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges over 4 years ago

  • Target version set to 1.11.13

Thanks, Alex. I will look this over and include it. I may have to delay the release until tomorrow, as I'm on the road. I'll follow up with details on the necessary jQuery changes. Thanks!

#2 Updated by Boone Gorges over 4 years ago

Hi Alex - I'm about to release this. For future reference, here's the change to functions.php:

-               wp_register_script( 'jQuery', '', false, '3.2.1', false );
-               wp_register_script( 'scripts', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/scripts.js', true, '0.2', true );
-               wp_enqueue_script( 'jQuery' );
-               wp_enqueue_script( 'scripts', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/scripts.js', true, '0.2', true  );
+               wp_register_script( 'scripts', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/scripts.js', array( 'jquery' ), '0.2', true );
+               wp_enqueue_script( 'scripts' );

Note that, once you've registered a script with WordPress, you can enqueue it simply by calling the handle - wp_enqueue_script( 'scripts' )

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