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videos gone

Added by Marilyn Weber over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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User Koby Oppenheim writes: "I had a question about videos on the Academic Commons. A few years back we lead a project among GC students to create videos and teaching resources on immigration. Recently, we were informed that the videos are no longer available on the site. I see if you could help us figure out why not or what happened. The site is:
We were recently contacted by another GC student who wanted to use the materials in the classroom, but could not access the videos."

Are these videos gone because of the lack of captions? What can be done? Let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

Actions #1

Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

At least some of the videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded into the Commons using http:// rather than https:// addresses. This means that most browsers won't let them load, for security reasons. For example, I've changed the YouTube link to HTTPS on this post, and the video is now loading:

If there are other videos that should be appearing that cannot be fixed in this way, please give me specific URLs and I can take a closer look.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

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Marilyn, have you heard back from the reporter? I want to be sure there's nothing more that I can do here before I close out the ticket.

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Updated by Marilyn Weber over 6 years ago

Never heard back but they are working for me.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

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Sounds good. I'm going to close this one, but feel free to open if the reporter comes back with more.


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