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Priscilla Stadler, admin of, would like people to be able to find her site using various search terms. She writes:

"Is it possible for us to metatag it with search terms so it would come up in searches for the above? Are these case-sensitive? And would it be ok for me to add some additional related terms? These would include:

Design for All, Design4All, Design 4 All, Accessible LaGuardia, UDL LaGuardia, Universal Design for Learning, etc.

But there might be others. Is this something I’d be able to do myself so I don’t have to impose on you?"

I don't know how to advise her at all. Mea culpa and thanks for any pointers!


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No mea culpa necessary :)

We have the Yoast SEO plugin on the Commons, which allows for pretty extensive customization of the way search engines view your site. That being said, the use of meta tags for this kind of indexing is not necessarily good practice. See and related links on that site - it's a great resource to help you organize your site in a way that's search-engine friendly.

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