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Updated by Matt Gold over 9 years ago

Hi Scott, 

 Can you do a news blog or codex blog or other post that draws together some of our hero slides and documentation and puts them together into a list of things one can do when building a new community / blog / group resource on the Commons? Here is a starting point: 

 *1. Google Analytics* 
 Get GA reports for your Commons blog mailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (note: may not work with domain-mapped blogs)  

 *2. Custom shortlinks* 
 Create a custom shortlink for your blog or group  

 *3. Site Newsletters* 
 Use Mailpoet to create attractive newsletters derived from your blog content  

 *4. Domain Mapping on the Commons* 
 Map a custom domain to your Commons blog 

 *5. *6. Use the Commons as a Conference Hub* 
 With free websites, domain mapping, and tools to facilitate publicity, planning and registration, you can create a hub to post agendas, discuss issues, aggregate tweets, live-stream presentations, share archives, and keep the conversation going. 

 *6. *7. Invite People to your group* 

 *7. *8. Twitter Page* 
 Discover CUNY-related tweets and twitter-users