Feature #1437

Updated by Matt Gold over 12 years ago

- What's the name of the plugin/theme? 

 FD Footnotes 

 - [plugins] In Per a few words, what does it do? 

 Adds footnotes to blog posts 

 - How is the plugin/theme different request from what's already provided on the Commons? 

 Don't think we have anything like this 

 - What's the potential impact? Who will use it?  

 - Who initially made the request? [sometimes Matt is passing along requests from members, sometimes suggesting something he found himself] 

 JITP journal 

 - Who is (, let's add the FD Footnotes plugin author? 

 fd - 

 - Say a little bit about the release history and popularity of the plugin. How many times has it been downloaded? When was it last updated? [The idea behind these last two questions is that I'm more likely to look favorably on plugins that are less likely to be abandoned] 

 12,542 downloads. 25 ratings, avg 5 stars