Bug #13657

Updated by Boone Gorges over 1 year ago

See #13656. I haven't taken any steps to confirm what's going on here. It looks like we have a separate wp-content/themes/commentpress-modern directory, added in #12573. But the commentpress-modern theme is also shipped inside of the commentpress-core plugin, which uses <code>register_theme_directory()</code> <pre>register_theme_directory()</pre> to tell WP about it. The latter solution means that the situation should never arise where the plugin is inactive but the theme is active. But our separate copy of the theme is probably overriding the call to <code>register_theme_directory()</code> <pre>register_theme_directory()</pre>

Ray, could you please look at what's happening here? I think we want to remove wp-content/themes/commentpress-modern, but I'm not sure if sites currently using commentpress-modern will properly switch over to the bundled version of the theme, or whether we need some sort of migration tool. (Also, there's the further question of what happens when you are using a plugin-bundled theme, via <code>register_theme_directory()</code>, <pre>register_theme_directory()</pre>, but the plugin is then deactivated; I assume that this is not what happened in the case of #13656, and I assume it means that WP will just fall back on the default theme, but this could use a check.)