Bug #15757

Updated by Laurie Hurson about 1 year ago

Hi All, 

 I am an admin in the Teaching Courses on the Commons group: 

 I believe this is the group faculty are invited to when they now create a "teaching" group/site. 

 In the group, it says there are 63 members, but when I click members, I only see that there are 18 (screenshot attached).  

 Is this a bug or is it that 18 people have accepted the invite to be a member of the group?  

 Do we think that this group should shoud function more like the group for group admins where folks are auto added?  

 I ask because    I was hoping going to use the forum to reach faculty teaching on the Commons. I wanted to send out a message to this group inviting them to ask questions in the group since there has been some recent activity but if it is only going to 18 people instead of 63, that is not having the sort of faculty reach I thought this group might have.