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05:39 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #16795: Updating default themes on new sites and templates
Thanks for getting us started on these updates, Laurie. I think they'll make a big difference on teaching courses and... Colin McDonald


06:29 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #16915 (New): Events Calendar Plugin Error
In case it helps anyone, I wanted to note that the 6.0 release of this plugin is a big one, and it requires users to ... Colin McDonald
06:26 PM CUNY Academic Commons Outreach #16862: Student onboarding Refresher Email
I don't think this would be email overload, especially if we keep the copy pretty concise and link-heavy for recipien... Colin McDonald
06:24 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #16797: Adding new themes & removing older themes
I think the proposed new themes look great Laurie, thanks for pulling them together! It would be great to be able to ... Colin McDonald


05:13 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #16535: News Page Re-Skin
Adding some watchers here to take a look at the update I just posted, thanks! Colin McDonald
05:08 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #16535: News Page Re-Skin
Following up from the call today, let's adjust this design to show the My Commons filters across the top of:
All A...
Colin McDonald
05:12 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #16534: About Page Re-configure and Re-Skin
I looked at it a little more after the call today and I think News still makes sense as the first three-item block on... Colin McDonald


03:50 PM CUNY Academic Commons Publicity #16585 (Reporter Feedback): New annual report data
We hope to release an annual report soon getting back on our academic-year annual schedule that was disrupted during ... Colin McDonald
10:25 AM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #16307: Add brief messaging to accept/decline group membership requests
I just wanted to note that I'm adding this to my list for future development, and perhaps we can fit it in this fall ... Colin McDonald


11:08 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #16549: Strange updates with file attachments
Ok, good to know, and glad (though not surprised!) we're already on top of it. Many thanks. Colin McDonald

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