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12:55 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #15220: Extending the OER Metadata Tag
Sounds ok to me too, if we think (maybe using documentation to be sure) that it won't result in confusion about what ...


06:17 PM CUNY Academic Commons Design/UX #15210 (New): Google Analytics improvements
Sara's asked how she can see how often users are clicking on links in the various parts of the public/private new hom...
05:44 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #15209 (Resolved): Commons admin account downgraded
I noticed that I can't access any of the admin tools/features in the Wordpress dashboard that I used to, and Boone me...


12:48 PM CUNY Academic Commons Publicity #14504: Adding showcases to home page menu
We just noticed on the community call that some of the About items from Matt's list above are missing from the redesi...


01:37 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #15159: My Sites - hyperlinks not working
Actually Scott, I'm having trouble replicating this myself. Maybe list a couple of the sites that are doing this? We'...
01:35 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #15159: My Sites - hyperlinks not working
Adding Boone and Ray as watchers, thanks Scott.
12:26 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #15134: Broken site image/icon
Thanks for the attention to detail on this one, Ray!


05:02 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #15153 (Resolved): Main nav Courses link broken
Clicking the Courses top nav item on public or logged-in, it goes to a redirect and broken page:
05:00 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #15134: Broken site image/icon
Before closing this out, see screenshot for another broken site image I just noticed on the Site Directory, no placeh...
02:36 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #15151: Commons Main Navigation does not show which tab you are on
Hi Scott, just changing the assignee here to Sara and adding a couple of watchers. Sara, what do you think? Scott see...

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