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Adding this as a bookmark so that we can consider adding some of the plugins in the 34 Interesting WP Plugins Released In The Last Three Months

Here are the ones that look interesting to me:

Google Plusone(+1) Button

Facebook Page Photo Gallery

Ultimate Follow Me

RomeLuv Google Maps for WordPress

Spam Free WordPress


So, let me guess what you're going to say: tickets should be used for bookmarks, but rather for tasks. One action item to a ticket, so please open additional tickets for each item. We already have XYZ plugin on the site, so why do we need this other one?

We don't, necessarily. But I am curious whether anything on this list piques your interest.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 12 years ago

Sorry if you think of me as a bug-tracker tyrant. My real concern is less about whether tickets and requests are in a one-to-one relationship, and more about adding new plugins just because they are neat. As I have said before, adding a plugin to the site essentially means that our team has adopted the plugin, once our users start activating it.

As for these:
- The G+1 and FB gallery plugins seem fine.
- Ultimate Follow Me - Do we already have one of these kinds of plugins? In some cases there is an argument for having more than one member of a class of plugins, but probably not in this case.
- The Google Maps plugin looks neat, though again I would like to know what other GMaps plugins we're running, and whether (hopefully) this would allow us to get rid of one or more of them. They are notoriously buggy.
- Spam Free WordPress - The author's description is a bit obnoxious, but the plugin looks fine.
- iFrame - I say no. First, there are security issues with allowing arbitrary iframes to be embedded. Second, we already have methods for safely embedding many kinds of content, making this plugin redundant.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 12 years ago

Thanks, Boone. And I don't think of you as a tyrant. I probably should have used either the "Documents" portion of this site or Basecamp for this conversation. Tickets have very practical purposes in our development workflow and I'm keenly aware that the proper use of them enables you to organize your work.

I see your point about adopting plugins, but I've also found our users to be pretty understanding when certain plugins no longer work. I'm not sure that we can/should commit to supporting all plugins/plugin functionalities without caveats.

Having said that, I'm completely on board with your desire to remove reduncancies. At the same time, I'd just like us to keep our eye out for new plugins that might be of interest.

I will add separate tickets for G+1, FB Galleries, and Spam Free WP.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 12 years ago

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