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problems with Google calendar

Added by Marilyn Weber almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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User Tsubasa Berg writes:

"For some reason, a Google calendar that I embedded on the following page disappeared, and it seems to reject the iframe code I put in:
I use to be able to get the iframe code from Google Calendar and drop it in the "Text" box to have it embedded.
Any advice is appreciated

I can embed the calendar using the simple calendar plugin, but it (at least the free version of it that's available on Commons) only shows the current month and there's no way to navigate to see entries on the calendar for previous or upcoming month.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 5 years ago

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Arbitrary iframes are not allowed on the Commons, for security purposes.

Ray, could you have a look? You understand the Google embedding options on the Commons more than I do.

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Updated by Raymond Hoh almost 5 years ago

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Hi Marilyn, can you tell Tsubasa Berg that the Simple Calendar Events plugin has options to display the calendar. It appears you might need to define these parameters during calendar set up:

Perhaps setting the "Earliest Event" and "Latest Event" parameters will allow you to view past and future events. I haven't tested this to be sure yet.

If not, the Jetpack plugin allows you to embed calendars with an upcoming events shortcode or widget. The following link should outline how to embed a Google Calendar with Jetpack -

Let me know if Tsubasa requires more help after trying out the above options.

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Updated by Marilyn Weber almost 5 years ago

She has replied that it worked (she didn't specify which, but I think it was the Simple plugin).

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Updated by Raymond Hoh almost 5 years ago

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Awesome! Marking as resolved.


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