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Improved tools for managing group file folders

Added by Boone Gorges over 4 years ago.

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Sonja Leix
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Group Files
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Branching off of #11755:

I’d also suggest adding the functionality of being able to change file and folder names in the Files section, mostly for the same reasons as wanting to be able to edit something once you’ve committed to it.
And also:
"One more thought: there doesn’t seem to be a way to create a folder structure for materials AFTER you’ve downloaded materials to the Files section. Can that functionality be added too?"

The ability to edit folder names feels like the primary request here. "Create a folder structure after..." feels like it's asking for a way to manage folder structure (creating, deleting, renaming, re-nesting) without editing a specific File. The latter will require a much more radical rewrite of the system than the former, so maybe this is something we can do in stages. Alternatively, if we're looking toward a more unified "library" system, we might decide that this is too much of a lift for Files alone.

Sonja, assigning this to you, to think about when you have some free bandwidth. For background, the "folders" feature for Files is a hack: they're actually categories, but they're represented with the folder icon to more closely resemble a file-organization system on the desktop. See #325.

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