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cross-posting in two related groups

Added by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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A user (Corey Scher) reports the following:

"Both Andres (cc-ed) and myself ar TA-ing a course at CCNY where we are
using Academic Commons.

Somehow, there is a mix-up that appears to be occurring on the back-end
of the system, where Andres and his students are somehow posting to my
group page, even though my group is hidden.

Here is the link to my group:

And here is the link to Andres group:"

See attached screenshots and let me know what to ask next. I did notice that the reverse is also happening - his group 2's postings show in Andres' group 3 forum.


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Updated by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago

I'm wondering if this is related to

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Updated by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago

Apologies, the reverse is not also happening. The other group owner writes:

"No. I do not see any of Corey's students posts. The problem seems to be that my students are posting in his group.

~andres "

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 2 years ago

  • Assignee set to Raymond Hoh

Thanks, Marilyn.

It appears that both groups are linked to the forum with the ID 93769, title 'EAS 106 - Section C3 - Group 3'. This correct for one of the groups, but incorrect for the 'Group 2' group.

Ray, could you please take a moment to look through the forums related to 'EAS 106' and figure out whether there's one with the 'Section C3' and 'Group 2' label that it looks like we should associate with the Group 2 group? If not, we will need to create one. Then, I guess we'll have to move over those topics in the Group 3 forum that were created by Group 2 members into the Group 2 forum.

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Updated by Raymond Hoh about 2 years ago

I caused this issue. See

When I was trying to connect some orphaned topics where meta_key = '_bbp_forum_id' and meta_value = '0', I made the wrong determination for which forum and group these topics should be connected to.

I will look into this some more in a few hours later today since I have an appointment to attend to.

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Updated by Raymond Hoh about 2 years ago

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Hi Marilyn,

Please tell Corey that I've moved all relevant topics to Andres' group. Also tell him that I've removed forum replies that he made to Andres's students to avoid confusion.

I mostly removed replies with the post content:

Move this and all discussion relevant to Lab 2 in the “Lab 2: Discussion” post that I made

If Corey or Andres notices any other issues after the reorganization, please let me know.


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