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Sissel McCarthy has as her domain provider, and she has successfully mapped her site to the Commons using an A record. However, her www. subdomain throws a security error (doesn't have a SSL certificate). I don't see anywhere in that allows you to redirect from to I see documentation that automatically redirects www. to its base domain name, but that is not happening, I guess because of the "A" record she set up.

see -

She feels a lot of people are scared away from her site when they see the error thrown on the www. subdomain. Any suggestions?


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Thanks for the thorough report.

I'd recommend that the user reach out to support. It's likely that there's a separate CNAME record for www, and it's possible that's automatic SSL provisioning (I think it uses Lets Encrypt?) doesn't pick up on these kinds of CNAME records. Unfortunately this is not something I can configure from my end. It may turn out that they suggest that we switch away from A records and instead use CNAME or redirects, but this depends on the specifics of their domain management tools.

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Just for the record cannot set up redirect from www. to base domain. Sissel is going to transfer her domain to a different registrar.

From past experiences - Siteground is also a registrar that cannot do this redirect. Those are the only two we've had issues with.

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