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add a page template to OER site.

Added by Marilyn Weber almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Colin Pitet asks via ZenDesk:

would like to add a page template to my OER site at

Currently I have two available templates, as shown in the attached screenshot. Although I'm not sure about this, I believe those templates came with the installed theme (I'm an admin on another site using a different theme and there's only one choice for the template).

On my site, I would like to add a third template so that on my Posts page I can have different widgets in the sidebar than I have on my other pages. From what I can tell based on internet searches, the way to do this is use a different template.

However, it seems that the way this site is set up is preventing me from accessing the available templates, which I think might require elevated privileges.

If there's another way to do this that I'm missing, can you please let me know how? And if not, is there a way to give me the necessary privileges on this site for which I'm the sole administrator?

I understand there are risks of screwing things up with elevated privileges, and I'm willing to accept those risks if it's possible to give me access to edit page templates.

P.S. Before grad school I worked in an IT dept for 10 years and I have a degree in information systems and I'm fairly proficient with html and very familiar with info sys administration in general, so I'm pretty certain I can figure this out if it's possible to give me the relevant permissions on my site.


template_option.png (78.9 KB) template_option.png Marilyn Weber, 2020-11-06 09:13 AM
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Updated by Laurie Hurson almost 2 years ago

Sent this message to colin and marilyn but adding here for updates/context:

Hi Colin and Marilyn,

I believe those are the only page template available in this theme - Twenty ten - which is relatively old as themes go. Other themes have more options for page templates. Templates are connected the theme that is running on the site.

The highest permission on any site is site administrator which Colin already is if he created this site.

Hope this helps.


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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 2 years ago

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Thanks, Laurie!

Marilyn, Laurie's answer is a good one. The available templates are a function of the selected theme, and themes of more recent vintage (say, the more recent 'Twenty' themes) will probably have more options.

It's not possible for users to add their own templates to themes, unless the create and maintain a child theme. See 'Custom themes and plugins' at

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Updated by Marilyn Weber almost 2 years ago

I suggested this to him (it was a different Colin, btw). You can close this ticket. Thanks!

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Thank you!


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