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Redirect loop?

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Boone, just noticed that googlebot is bumping against some redirect errors when crawling today. Not sure if they are looking at the right URLs or if this is even in fact an issue, but thought you'd like to know.

Attaching the .csv report in case it's meaningful...


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Thanks for the info, André.

It looks, at a glance, like the problem lies in a problem with our current version of BuddyPress. BP does some internal redirection in order to canonicalize activity permalinks, but in earlier versions of BP, those redirects would sometimes go awry when the activity item had been deleted, or could not be found for some other reason. This has been fixed in the most recent version of BP, which returns a proper 404 response code in this case. Let's check this again after the 1.3 update has been live for a while, since that'll bring us the latest version of BP.

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Right on, man.

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Having seen further reports of issues, so I'm marking resolved.


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