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Writing in Markdown Question

Added by Laurie Hurson 12 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Hi All,

I got a question in our workshop today that I do not know how to answer --- can Commons users write contents in markdown? They asked because "it would be great that it supports markdown so that we can write faster." Question coming from a math professor (if that helps provide background?)



#1 Updated by Boone Gorges 12 months ago

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WordPress doesn't support this out of the box, though it can be enabled by plugin. Jetpack has the feature, and there may be other plugins on the Commons - maybe Scott knows more?

#2 Updated by Laurie Hurson 12 months ago

Thanks for this info Boone. I wasn't sure if markdown was something that the commons would strip out (akin to iframes) but writing it through a plugin makes sense. I will pass this along to the faculty member.

Scott if you know about any other possibilities I will send that info along too.

Have a good weekend all!

#3 Updated by scott voth 12 months ago

Hi Laurie - We do have the WP-Markdown plugin that is supposed to work on posts and forum topics. I have never used it. And as Boone notes, JetPack is another option.

#4 Updated by Boone Gorges 11 months ago

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Closing this ticket. Let us know if there are other questions about Markdown support.

#5 Updated by Laurie Hurson 11 months ago

Will do.

Thanks for the answers on this!

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