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Visual direction for redesign

Added by Colin McDonald about 1 year ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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This milestone will include an exploration of the overall look and feel of the new Commons, starting with a mood board presentation Sonja will make to the team during our meeting this Friday. We'll collect feedback and follow-up here. This exercise will be the foundation of the full redesign and guide the visual design of the homepage and later sections of the CUNY Commons as the redesign is being rolled out.


#1 Updated by Sonja Leix about 1 year ago

Hi team,
I've been working on the look and feel for the redesign. I'm excited to share the style tiles I have so far. We'll look at these during our call. I'll present these (or an iterated version of these) on Friday during our monthly call.

#2 Updated by Sonja Leix about 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback during today's call!

I've made a few small tweaks and this is what I'll be presenting on Friday to the larger group:
PDF attached as well for reference.

#3 Updated by Colin McDonald about 1 year ago

Recapping feedback here from the Friday team meetings. Once we have a new version incorporating this, I could go through the copy again and try to get that more ready for final review.

- We're leaning toward a big hero image up top a la the second / illustration option, but with the more abstract geometric flourishes of the third option. There's a concern about relying too much on photography, because stock photos can be limiting and not show the full diversity and range of the Commons.

- We could talk to Ryan Seslow once we have a better idea about that hero section and an abstract but suitable creative idea for what to feature there first. We could explore other collaborations (perhaps with the Media Art and Design commons group) and even user contests for what we show there to keep it fresh and connected to the community. But for now let's keep the process more confined.

- Make sure the top Commons logo still stands out if the hero image is large and eye-catching.

- Make sure the visual direction on public homepage makes the hierarchy clear without overload (Building Blocks to People to Sites to Groups) and easy for new users to get a brief overview, then get into different use cases of learning more, creating something, seeing activity, etc.

- Good use of italics on the What Will You Create? second line, to make it stand out typographically.

- Keep the GC site redesign in back of mind: see here and here:

#4 Updated by Sonja Leix 9 months ago

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I'll close this ticket, since the design direction was approved.

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