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Via Zendesk

my name is Marlene and I'm the digital portfolio specialist at CUNY SLU. I am working with students this semester helping them create digital portfolios. Last week, I was in the middle of activating plugins for a new site, a mock digital portfolio for "Sam Morales" ( when a debugging issue came up. can you help me debug it?

The same issue came up when working on a previous site "" Please feel free to delete this site.

I would like "smorales" recovered if possible. As of now, I cannot access the site at all

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She adds:

I just realized I can "view" the site but I can't edit it using my dashboard or customize features.

Also to clarify, I'm referring to my site titled, Sam Morales,, which is a mock digital portfolio I created in order to demonstrate students a few features.

I actually started by creating "" but same error came up. I would like to delete this site but I'm not sure how to do that without being able to access the dashboard.

I, then, re-created the mock portfolio/site a third time, I can access this site but I would like to eventually delete it and transfer content to the second portfolio/site: OR transfer my edits from the second and third site to the first one "slustudent."

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The fatal error on is being caused by the plugin bwp-google-xml-sitemaps. The problem is described in, which was reported to the plugin authors in 2017 but hasn't yet been fixed.

This lack of response, along with the fact that sitemaps are increasingly supported in WP itself, suggest that we can safely hide the plugin for future activation. I've done so in and the hiding will take effect after tomorrow's release.

In the meantime, I've deactivated the plugin on and it appears that the site's Dashboard is now accessible.

I couldn't find a site with the URL

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