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events calendar problem?

Added by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Laura Spinu reports:

I have been maintaining a website for a CUNY-wide conference scheduled for May 14 and after months of perfect functioning, the Register page no longer displays our event and registration (free tickets) we had enabled last year. It looks like the Events Calendar has disappeared and when I tried re-installing it I got this message: "Sorry, you are not allowed to install plugins on this site. "

Do you know why that might be the case? To my knowledge, I haven't made any changes to this page or the Events calendar whatsoever, they simply just stopped working. Thank you.

She then followed up:
This is the page that stopped working (I presume because the Events Calendar stopped working):

It used to show a Register box before, to the May 14 event I had created on the website. Upon registering their details, participants received a (free) ticket to their email address.

I replaced this page earlier with a different one embedding a Google form for registration, so this is not an emergency, but if you find out what caused the problem I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Best wishes,

Laura Spinu, PhD | Assistant Professo

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 2 years ago

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Looks like there was a mismatch between versions of the Event Tickets and The Events Calendar plugins, which caused The Events Calendar to deactivate itself. I've updated both plugins to the latest and pushed the changes to the production site. I've also reactivated The Events Calendar on

I don't see a change on but this could be due to some changes made by the site admin. Perhaps she could take a look to see whether it's working the way she expects?

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Updated by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago

She just replied: The Events calendar is now back and looking like before, however, the event I had created (LSC-5 Registration) is not visible. I only have the option of adding new events but no existing events are shown. At the same time, I know that it is still in the system because when I check the page while logged in, it has a notification about my RSVPs. I am also able to see the 45 attendees who had registered before I started having problems. So the event itself was not deleted, but it's just not visible at my end. I am using Google forms now for the same purpose so this is not a big concern, but hopefully we can find out what is preventing the event from being displayed. Thank you.

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 2 years ago

Looking directly at the database, I don't see any events created with The Events Calendar (posts with the post_type = 'tribe_events').

I do see items that appear to have been created with the Event Organiser plugin (posts with post_type = 'event'). Specifically, there are two, both created on 2021-01-16: "LSC-5" and "LCS5 registration".

Could the user provide some clarification as to how the events were originally created? I wonder whether, in fact, Event Organiser was used. Perhaps both plugins were enabled, but the admin forgot which one was the operative one?

If the user is certain that The Event Calendar was the plugin used to create the previously-working events, perhaps I could get some more details. Do we have a rough timeframe for when the event was originally created?

It's possible for me to request a backup from IT, but I would need to know which date to request. When was the last date it was known to be working? Also, the process of restoring from backup is quite labor-intensive, so if the user has found another solution - and if there's a possibility that the current situation is due to some sort of misconfiguration rather than a true software bug that requires deeper debugging - then perhaps it's not worth the effort of going through the restore process.

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Updated by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago

She replies " I am not sure I used the Events calendar - I was not actually aware of having both an Event Calendar and Event Organizer plugin, but I seem to recall activating a plugin for the purpose so it's very likely I used the Event Organizer.

We definitely don't need to go through the restoration process. We are all set at this point!"

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 2 years ago

  • Status changed from Reporter Feedback to Resolved

Excellent - thanks so much for following up!


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