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Set up app password for GMail IMAP account

Added by Raymond Hoh over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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GMail is pushing for OAuth authentication for less secure, 3rd-party apps by the end of month. So for apps relying on the GMail password like our GMail IMAP account, we will need to set up 2FA and then set up an App Password for use solely with RBE.

Instructions can be found here:

Boone, I believe the original cunyacademiccommons GMail address was set up by you. Can you set up 2FA and then set up an app password for use with the Commons? Then, can you pass on the app password to me? If you're going to use TOTP for the 2FA, perhaps you can also pass the TOTP secret key to me. This isn't necessary, but will help if another person needs to access the GMail account. If you're using Android, Aegis Authenticator works well, but similar apps would also work.

We should probably transition away from IMAP mode for RBE and switch to Inbound mode. I'll create another issue just for this.

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Thanks for setting up the app password, Boone. Just switched RBE to use the app password and appears to be working.


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