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Group's announcements disappear when group privacy changed

Added by Matt Gold over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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The NYCNECT group contacted us because they wanted help in deleting old threads, in part because they were going to make a private group public. I was slow in adding this ticket to Redmine, and in the meantime the admin just made the group public. Presto: the announcement disappeared.

He's happy with that outcome, as he had wanted help in deleting those announcements. But I'm wondering whether this is expected behavior or not. I wouldn't have thought that they would/should disappear.

If this is a bug and we do enact a fix, we should think about how we'd handle things for this group (and others like it) -- ie., if we enabled a fix that suddenly made old announcements show up, that would make this group, and possibly others, unhappy.

Shawn M -- the admin of the group in question -- has been cc'ed on this ticket.

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I would say this is a feature, albeit an unintended one. There's a column in the activity table called hide_sitewide. Activity items in private and hidden groups are marked as hide_sitewide = 1. When the group is made public, they remain hide_sitewide = 1. Meanwhile, when activity items are queried in a public group, hide_sitewide = 1 is not queried for (for a number of reasons having to do with the way public groups are listed sitewide).

For that reason, I'm going to move this to Future Release and relist it as a feature request.

I'm happy to just leave it as is, ie to inherit BP's default behavior, which is to say I'm in favor of closing the ticket altogether. If you really think it should be changed, though, please give me a sense of what you would like in its place.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 10 years ago

I guess that the open question for me is whether there should be some kind of warning to users that alerts them to the fact that announcements will be lost when they change the settings from private to public. If there is going to be a loss of data, it seems like users should be informed before making the switch, no?

Otherwise, I'm fine with closing the ticket.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 10 years ago

See also

Note that data is not lost in the sense that it's erased. It just becomes inaccessible. (Functionally the same from the users point of view, but a bit less dire.)

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Updated by Matt Gold over 10 years ago

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That's very good to know. So, if there was an alert of some kind, it would just say that the announcements would be inaccessible as long as the group remained public.

I have to to say that on the level of functionality, that does make sense to me. Maybe the easy thing to do, for now, is to document this functionality in our FAQ and on the Codex so that, at the least, we can point people to it. I'll open up a separate ticket for that.


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