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Customize Button Order in TinyMCE

Added by Chris Stein almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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The order of the icons in TinyMCE is a bit awkward. This feature would reorder the icons with the goal that in the new order
  1. similar functions are next to each other
  2. the most used functions are in the top row

Also this reordering can be based on the assumption that the Kitchen Sink will be show by default. (

If possible it would be nice to apply this in the same release as the showing Kitchen Sink by default feature but this is not necessary as it is not a technical issue but a user one (so there is one big change rather than two).

Responsibility assigned to Chris to come up with the new order. Anyone should feel free to make suggestions.
Responsibility to Dominic to implement the new order.

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Thanks for your work on this, guys!

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